Shandong Shipping Tanker Co., Limited, established in 2016 being one of the 4 core subsidiaries of Shandong Shipping Corporation (which was established in 2010, a large state-owned enterprise with registered capital of 3-billion-yuan), specializing in international Product oil and Crude Oil transportation, Chartering and Operation, Brokerage, property management and etc.

  皇冠博彩自有11艘MR皇冠体育博彩,运营3艘超大型原油船(VLCC),其中在建8艘5万吨级IMO II型成品油/化学品船,并且已经与壳牌集团签订了长期期租租约。

Shandong Shipping Tanker Co., Limited owned 11 sets of MRs,3 VLCCSs, 8 of which are 50K DWT IMO II Product/Chemical Tankers TC to Shell Tankers.